The world's smallest USB 3.0 key for smartphones.


Small but fast (USB 3.0)
Double port USB / Micro USB
Compatible Windows & Mac
Strong metal, Waterproof

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The K'3 is ultra-compact with a reduced volume of 1.6cm³ using the body as a dual USB connector. It's so small that you can enjoy your mobile/tablet without any inconvenience, wherever you are or travel.
The USB 3.0 technology is compatible with any computer and lets you transfer data 3 to 4 times faster than USB 2.0 (10 sec to transfer a basic movie to your USB 3.0 computer).

Plug & Play

Do you have difficulties to play films on your tablet or to save its photos-videos-contacts? Plug the key on the microUSB, launch the 'File Manager' app, and simply select a movie to play or copy-paste data to save it. Make even more by using some app's like Nexus Media Importer, Astro, ES File Viewer, etc. 
How to use your PK product (with 3 apps)? 

Waterproof, strong metal & clever cap

The metal body of the flash drive guarantees maximum solidity and its waterproof technology ensures water resistance up to a depth of 3 metres. There is no need to worry when the PK K’3 is attached to a key ring or accidently put in the washing machine!
The string allows you to open the cap without losing it. The big carabiner helps to unclip the product quickly from your home-keyring for a fast and convenient usage when you need to plug it on your mobile/tablet.

Synchronize & back up your data quickly

The K'3 is delivered with PK-FileSync, a software to synchronize the data of your office computer with your computer at home thanks to a cloud (synchro mode). You can also back up all your precious files on your key (mirror mode), or synchronize a video folder on your key before connecting it on your TV or your Box (auto-sync). Download PK-FileSync

How to use your K'3



200302 : 16 Gb
200303 : 32 Gb


USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 compatible)




27 x 12,5 x 4,5 mm  /  1,06 x 0,49 x 0,18 in


8 g / 0,28 oz

Weight with packaging

15 g / 0,53 oz

Waterproof (IP57)

3 meters / 9,84 feet

System requirements

Latest version of Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows 7/8, Mac® OS X 10.6/7/8, Linux
Smartphone or tablet with microUSB port, Android® and OTG (on the go)
Android® 4.0 and after


K'3, cap, string with carabiner


2 years


Lecture : USB 3.0 : jusqu'à 120 Mo/s (64 Go et 32 Go) ; jusqu'à 100 Mo/s (16 Go)
Ecriture : USB 3.0 : 20 Mo/s


Le Figaro
Objets du futur – Compact, rapide et résistant, cet objet miniature va pouvoir rendre bien des services aux technophiles nomades, consommateurs de données. Lire la suite

Une clé USB 3.0 miniature pour smartphone et tablette. Idéal pour transférer des contenus sans passer par l’ordi. Lire la suite

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All visual and video materials : available for download



Download PK-FileSync 7.2 :
Mac - Windows - OpenSUSE - Ubuntu - Debian - CentOS

PK-FileSync installed on your computer, you can synchronize, backup or copy your data between your PC and your key, manually or automatically, in sync mode (synchronizing two folders), mirror mode (creating a clone backup), or update mode (copying to the destination directory and updating the changed files). You can also trigger these actions automatically when you plug in the USB key using PK-RealTimeSync (auto-sync).
You can quickly learn the software with the simple user guide.
Ideal to synchronize your PC at office with that at home by syncing to a cloud (sync), or to save all your precious documents on your key (mirror), or to synchronize a video file on your key before connecting to your TV or Internet Box (auto-sync).

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