The first mini carabiner flash drive. Up to 128 GB.


Klip it quickly, easily and everywhere
Water resistant 3m
Strong metal resistant up to 200kg
Ultra fast (USB3.0, 120 MB/s)
Compatible Windows and Mac

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Klip it everywhere

Do you always forget where you put your flash drive? Klip it on your pants, Klip it on your bag, it will be always with you and easy to find.

Ultra Fast

Are you looking for fast transfer? K'lip, thanks to its USB3.0 interface, is 4 times faster than a traditional USB 2.0 key, reaching 120MB/s.


K’lip is completely sealed and can resist water to a depth of 3 meters. Did you forget your K’lip in your pants? Don't worry it will survive to the washing machine.

Ultra strong metal design

The metal body is made of one part only and can sustain weigtht of 200 kg. It is designed to resist more than 10 000 clip/unclip, around 10 years of intensive daily usage.

Synchronize & back up your data easily

You can use PK-FileSync software to synchronize your computer with one of your own cloud (sync). You can also set an automatic backup of all your precious documents on your flash drive (mirror), or synchronize a folder video to your flash drive before connecting it to your TV or your Box (auto-sync). 
Click here to download the PK-FileSync

K'lip it everywhere



USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 compatible)


Read speed: USB 3.0 : up to 120 MB/s (64 GB and 32 GB) ;
up to 100 Mb/s (16 GB)
Write speed: USB 3.0 : 20 MB/s


Metal, plastic


IP57 - 3 meters / 9,84 feet


15 g / 0,55 oz (product only)
38 g / 1,34 oz (with packaging)


61 x 29 x 4.5 mm  / 2,38 x 1,13 x 0,18 in

Manufacturer warranty

2 years

System requirements

Computer with USB slot (USB 3.0 optimised)
Latest version of Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows 7/8, Mac® OS X 10.6/7/8, Linux


Ce petit bijou réinvente le partage en rendant le transfert de données aussi fluide qu’une poignée de main!

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Alliant innovation et solidité, elle est équipée d’un mousqueton haute résistance qui permet de l’accrocher partout d’un simple clip. Lire la suite

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All visual and video materials : available for download



Download PK-FileSync 7.2 :
Mac - Windows - OpenSUSE - Ubuntu - Debian - CentOS

PK-FileSync installed on your computer, you can synchronize, backup or copy your data between your PC and your key, manually or automatically, in sync mode (synchronizing two folders), mirror mode (creating a clone backup), or update mode (copying to the destination directory and updating the changed files). You can also trigger these actions automatically when you plug in the USB key using PK-RealTimeSync (auto-sync).
You can quickly learn the software with the simple user guide.
Ideal to synchronize your PC at office with that at home by syncing to a cloud (sync), or to save all your precious documents on your key (mirror), or to synchronize a video file on your key before connecting to your TV or Internet Box (auto-sync).