Olivier Beune

"My objective as a designer is to answer to human needs, strategics and economics, in giving logic and coherent solutions. This ambition requires a rigorous methodology based on listening to my client, understanding his problems and his challenges.
My approach is characterized by observation of uses and a work of analysis and reflection that allows me to develop sound proposals. With pragmatism and common sense, my expertise combines accuracy and simplicity. Cheerful, each project is a challenge for me and a unique opportunity."

Word of PKparis

Olivier Beune knows how to mix simplicity and innovation. He knows how to transform a concept into a real product with our identity: 1 product, 1 design, 1 use. The K'lip is inspired by a carabiner climbing.

Olivier has begin his career as Industrial designer in 1994 in the Plan Créatif agency. In 2000, he became Director of creation for integrate design for Alcatel Mobile Phones.

Since 2008, he is a freelance designer - Bod studio - and he's the director of the Product Design department in the school Strate College Designers.

Some products he had imagined with commitment and conviction have been rewarded by many Design prices.