Masaki Okumura

"The numerous foreign countries I stayed in during my childhood left me a profound mark, igniting my interest in travel and discovery.

My 4-year stay in Japan that totally immersed me in the japanese culture was decisive, giving me the chance to develop a strong sense for drawing and picture. I have designed objects during 15 years with special attention to quality and details. Since 2006, I'm a photographer. My personal pictures evoking daily life, urban landscapes and moods, produce graphical compositions, abstract and intimate."

Word of PKparis

M. Okumura, with his Japanese origin and his experience as both a designer and photographer, brings a unique vision to the look of PK products. The combination of materials, the colour of the components and the effect on the finish serve to reinforce the simple beauty and easy usage of the product. The K’ard air is the result of this harmonious blend of elegant design and performance.

After completing a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design in Paris, he started his career working as a product designer for design agencies involved in various kinds of creative projects from toys to tooling machines.

In 1996, he joined the design centre of the Alcatel/TCL mobile phone group in Paris as Senior Product Designer where he designed many phones for 9 years.

As a long term enthusiast, he decided in 2006 to switch to photography, specializing in still life and travel. He works for industrial groups, edition and design agencies.