Techno & Acoustic

High quality sound

K’asq headset acoustic has been tested by Augmented Acoustics Lab.* to optimize the sound quality. The tests have been made on one of the best audio material (Audio Précision APX585, model HATS Head Acoustics,  amplifier B&K 2716C).

Response curves attest that K’asq is really well-balanced on each frequency range, with real basses. The curve is very similar to the best wireless headset on the market.

Leaks curve shows that K'asq has a good resistance to leakage over the entire frequency range. The leaks are audio loss due to a lack of sealing, deteriorating the sound quality.

Distortion curve highlights the little overall saturation of K'asq, demonstrating its stability even at maximum volume (no crackling).

*Augmented Acoustics Lab supports companies in their search for the best audio quality, thanks to its 16 years experience.

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Noise cancelling

(Patent pending)

K’asq rubber cap shape has been explored in details to offer the best compromise between sound insulation and safety, it reduces by 40% surrounding sounds, almost as good as the market reference. When travelling (train, airplane, etc.) K'asq improves listening comfort by reducing the noise significantly. However, in case of outdoor sports, the city noises are noticeable enough for listening safely.


(Patent pending)

K’asq headset has been thought to provide an optimal comfort and to allow a perfect fit even in extreme situation. Three sizes of rubbercups are provided and will fit to any ears.

Depend on the way you use K’asq, two positions of the cups are possible : a « city position » with the mic close to your mouth, or a « sport position » to insure a strong position whatever the extreme activity you practice.