Clément Servonnat

"For me, the design has to serve the men: each design is an answer to a need and can't be for "free". Each project is a chance to enhance the daily life of users.

Passionate by new technologies and science fiction, I like to imagine and create the future products with a simple and elegant design. In order to be as relevant as possible in my projects I am constantly watchful and I carefully observe the changes in society and behaviors, as well as new products and innovations in various fields."

Word of PKparis

Clément has an intuitive comprehension of PKparis' codes and of trends in high tech innovations. Fed with cinematic influences and geek culture, creativity and ability to think future uses are a great addition to every project he leads. The sobriety of its metal-based designs is in line with PKparis' codes.

Graduated with a Master's degree in Product design in Paris, Clément Servonnat started his career in Milan at Toyota-Boshoku, a brand specialized in automobile interiors. This international experience gave him a different way to understand the design.

In 2015, Clément decided to come back to Paris to work as a freelance designer. He worked with many french startups like Bbnove, Emiota. In February 2016, he finally joined PKparis team.