About us

PK paris is a start-up specialized in premium and nomads IOT : smart, compact and lightweight objects, bringing freedom to your everyday life.

Allowing you to bring your whole life on a 5 mm flash-drive, to launch a movie on 5 tablets at the same time in your car, or to save 100 gigabytes of your smartphone memory at the top of the Himalayas ... So many ideas that stir our teams and inspire our vision of a world that moves, smoother, simpler, where technology desappears to let you concentrate on the essentials, your life, your own adventure.

We design the smallest possible objects, working on materials, connectors and designs, so that the object "almost" disappears and eventually becomes a part of you.

All PKparis products are designed by Parisian designers, bringing excellence and elegance to our range.

Our brand PK, pronounces "Peka" and means "star" in the dialect of Polynesian islands. It is symbolized by our logo, a star, to guide the traveler in all of us.

PKparis. Be Connected. Be Free.