Label Observeur Design for K'Ring

Oct 2013 - The K'Ring was awarded by the Design Observeur Label.

October 2013

The K'Ring is a USB flash drive that combines elegance, robustness and practicality.

K'Ring 8 Go

As a performant flash drive, K'Ring also serves as a keyring: a practical solution to keep it safely with you, always available, and never loose it. Its refined aesthetics and light weight (only 15 grams) hide a strength in all tests. Made from robust stainless steel, the K'Ring resists water, shock and scratches: welding of the ring supports up to 100Kg and its fully isolated flash technology does not even fear the washing machine.

Label Observeur Design 2014

Through it all, the K'Ring received the Design Observeur Label 2014. Organized by the APCI since 1999 Design Observer is the famous French design prize highlighting the talent of businesses and designers.